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  • Do you know these cutlery?

  • couple tableware
    As the name suggests, it is a pair of tableware, exclusive tableware for couples. It captures the idea of seeking witness between modern couples, and designs and creates tableware that is both practical, beautiful and unique to express love.
    Antibacterial tableware

    Also known as sterilization tableware is the use of antibacterial agents added to the raw materials of tableware so that tableware can be sterilized without any treatment. The materials of sterilization tableware mainly include melamine sterilization tableware, stainless steel sterilization tableware, alloy sterilization tableware and ceramic sterilization tableware. This tableware uses the principle of nano-silver sterilization, which can kill bacteria on the surface of tableware.
    Disinfect tableware
    It refers to the tableware that has been disinfected by killing pathogenic microorganisms through special methods. Do not choose paint chopsticks, paint contains lead, cadmium and other toxic substances.
    Disposable tableware
    It is a disposable tableware made of plastic, high-foaming material, coated paper, etc.