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5th Floor
4 Apartments

120m2 - 180m2

4th Floor
5 Apartments

100m2 - 180m2

3rd Floor
6 Apartments

80m2 - 120m2

2nd Floor
5 Apartments

70m2 - 115m2

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Jiangxi Johnson Technology Co., Ltd founded in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province in 1997, As a professional China Wood Fiber Cuting Board manufacturers and custom Wood Fiber Cuting Board factory, our production capability is up to 50 million pieces, more than 230 items, annually increase by more than 50 different mold. Our custom Wood Fiber Cuting Board and other products are Eco friendly, have passed the Food Safe testing certificate like FDA & LFGB, Dishwasher certificate etc. We offer a stylishly sustainable alternative to traditional ceramic, plastic, and disposable paper and foam tableware. We specialize in wholesale Wood Fiber Cuting Board, Our mission is to bring a unique perspective to the market with products that are practical, affordable, and beautifully designed. Our collection is a sensible and convenient step towards green living.

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