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  • Do you know the common method of sterilizing tableware?

  • 1) Sterilization by boiling: Put the washed tableware in boiling water for 2-5 minutes to sterilize.
    2) Steam sterilization: Put the washed tableware in a steam cabinet or box, and when the temperature rises to 100℃, sterilize for 5-10 minutes.
    3) Oven disinfection: such as infrared disinfection cabinets, etc., the temperature is generally around 120 °C, and the disinfection is performed for 15-20 minutes.
    4) Chemical disinfection: use tableware disinfectant for tableware disinfection.
    Requirements for chemical disinfection:
    1. The selected disinfectant must be a tableware disinfectant approved by the health administrative department, and non-tableware disinfectants cannot be used for tableware disinfection.
    2. The concentration of tableware disinfectant for disinfection must reach the concentration specified in the product manual.
    3. Soak the tableware in the disinfectant for 10-15 minutes, and the tableware cannot expose the surface of the disinfectant.

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    4. After the tableware is disinfected, use running water to remove the residual disinfectant on the surface of the tableware and remove the odor. When using chemical disinfection, the disinfectant should be updated at any time, and it should not be used repeatedly for a long time.
    5) Dishwasher
    When using a dishwasher and disinfection machine for tableware washing and disinfection, the following issues should be paid attention to:
    1. The placement of tableware on the washing rack should meet the set requirements, and should not be piled up randomly, so as not to affect the effect of washing and disinfection.
    2. The working water temperature of the washing machine is controlled at about 80 ℃.
    3. Washing and disinfecting solutions should be temporarily prepared and replaced at any time.
    4. After the decontamination is completed, the effect of washing and disinfecting the tableware should be checked. If the hygiene requirements are not met, the washing and disinfection should be carried out again.
    5. The dishwasher should be inspected frequently to maintain its normal working condition.