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  • What other tableware do you know?

  • wooden cutlery
    The biggest advantage of bamboo tableware is that it is easy to obtain and has no toxic effects of chemicals. But their weakness is that they are more prone to contamination and mold than other tableware. If you do not pay attention to disinfection, it is easy to cause intestinal infectious diseases.
    copper cutlery
    Many people use copper tableware, copper pots, copper spoons, copper hot pots, etc. On the surface of copper tableware, you can often see some blue-green powder, which is called patina, which is non-toxic. But for the sake of cleaning, before loading food, it is best to sand the surface of the copper utensils.

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    iron tableware
    Generally speaking, iron tableware is not toxic. But iron is easy to rust, and rust can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset, poor appetite and other diseases. In addition, it is not advisable to use iron containers to hold cooking oil, because oil is easily oxidized and deteriorated if stored in iron for too long. At the same time, it is best not to use iron containers to cook foods and beverages rich in tannins, such as juice, brown sugar products, tea, coffee, etc.