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  • Do you know titanium tableware and melamine tableware?

  • Titanium tableware
    Using the characteristics of intelligent metal titanium combined with special physical and chemical surface coloring process, it has a unique luster of gold-titanium tableware, and its texture is comparable to that of silver tableware.
    Titanium tableware is the trend of tableware materials in the future. Because of its light weight and light weight, it has excellent characteristics such as non-toxic and tasteless, no radiation, no rust, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good toughness, and good biological affinity. Titanium tableware is practical and collectible, making it a great gift for your friends and family and for home use. It has been highly favored by people from all walks of life for a long time.
    Melamine tableware
    Melamine tableware, also known as Jingmei melamine products, is formed by heating and pressure pressing of melamine resin powder. It is widely used in the catering industry and children's catering industry for its lightness, beauty, low temperature resistance, and non-breakability.
    Melamine tableware is a high molecular polymer, the English abbreviation is MF, and its monomers are formaldehyde and melamine. 37% aqueous formaldehyde solution was used in the reaction, and the molar ratio of formaldehyde and melamine was 2~3.
    The research shows that: as the amount of formaldehyde increases, the combined amount of formaldehyde also increases, and the reaction is easy to carry out; by changing the amount of formaldehyde, melamine resins obtained from different methylol melamines can be obtained. When the pH of the reaction system is 8.5, the side reaction Less, the reaction is easy to control; the temperature is high, the reaction speed is fast, and the amount of formaldehyde binding in the range of 54 ~ 80 ° C has little effect.