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  • What are the advantages of children's meals?

  • When the baby at home starts to add complementary food, or the baby starts to grab the tableware and chopsticks in the hands of adults, and clumsily sends food into his mouth, parents should consider choosing a set of special children's tableware for the baby.
    Having a set of baby meals at home for your baby can help:
    1. Improve the baby's interest in eating

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    Bright colors, exquisite shapes and cartoon tableware will directly stimulate the baby's visual organs and attract the baby's attention. Under the strong drive of curiosity, the baby may take the initiative to ask to eat by himself.
    2. Cultivate the baby's hands-on ability
    After the baby is 1 year old, it will start to learn to use tableware. The special children's table is conducive to cultivating the baby's hands-on ability, promoting the flexible movement of the fingers, so as to exercise the coordination of the hands, eyes and mouth, and avoid the baby's dependence on the bottle.
    Third, let the baby develop good habits
    With the children's cutlery set specially designed for the baby, the baby will have the desire to wash the cutlery and put the items back into the lunch box according to the shape, which is very helpful to develop good habits of hygiene and abiding by the rules.