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  • How much do you know about tableware?

  • Ceramic tableware
    Ceramics have been recognized as non-toxic tableware in the past, and there have been reports of poisoning using porcelain tableware. It turns out that the beautiful coat (glaze) of some porcelain tableware contains lead. If the temperature of the porcelain is not enough or the glaze ingredients do not meet the standard, the tableware may contain more lead. When food comes into contact with utensils, lead can spill over the surface of the glaze and get mixed into the food. Therefore, those ceramic products with prickly, speckled surfaces, uneven enamel or even cracks are not suitable for tableware. When choosing porcelain tableware, use your index finger to tap the porcelain lightly. If it can make a crisp sound, it indicates that the porcelain embryo is delicate and well-fired. If the tapping sound is hoarse, it means that the porcelain is damaged or porcelain Poor embryo quality.
    glass cutlery
    Clean and hygienic, generally free of toxic substances. But glass tableware is fragile and sometimes "mold". This is because the glass will be corroded by water for a long time, which will generate substances harmful to human health, which should be washed with alkaline detergent frequently.

    Wooden fiber pig cutting board KS12